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Agenda Complete. Batman’s jealous

We have officially closed the speaker’s list with the last confirmed speaker - Rob Rusher. Rob is our special guest - he will not only talk about and will show Google Glass. Rob has also managed to get a few Google Glasses for our hungry hackers to get their teeth into (we hope not literally).

Speaking of the Jitter hackathon we’re lining up so many cool gadgets that Bruce Wayne would be jealous (you will hear more about it soon but we have pretty exciting announcements up our sleeves!).

The Agenda is now more or less complete - we expect only some minor clarifications, but you can now explore the details of who will be speaking, what will be the subject and understand the level of the talk. There are plenty of sessions for just about anyone who does or would like to do mobile development - be it iOS, Android, UI/UX or just general mobile development subject.

We have really impressive list of speakers. When we started the call for speakers we did not know that we will host people from 9 different European countries and 6 different US states. Now we also know that the speakers are coming from 20 different cities (!).

So look, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, more diverse group of mobile experts speaking under one roof - what on earth are you waiting for - get yourself over to Warsaw for January and be a part of mobile history!

Do not hesitate and register now!.