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Estimote at Jitter hackathon

So we were looking for a cool partner for our Jitter hackathon. It had to be someone current, it had to be as well local, we didn’t want a faceless corporation…

Maciek: Steve, I’m sorry it’s very sweet of you guys don’t really have a great rep for hardware…

SB: Oh really, and what about Zune?!

Ah well. Anyway - it turned out we didn’t need to look too far, just down the road to the former capital of Poland in Krakow.

The good people at Estimote have rather foolishly agreed to part with some of their cutting edge Estimote Beacon devices. If you’ve not already heard of them, then that’s because they’re still under wraps at an unknown facility deep in the Tatra mountains guarded by former US Navy Seals.

Estimote Beacons are set to revolutionize how retailers engage with shoppers by using BlueTooth LE technology to engage with their customers and enhance the in-store experience (and more!)

Not only will our hackerthonians get their dirty mitts on the hardware, but the brains behind the Estimote technology will be on hand to offer advice and expertise. We must have got them pretty drunk during our last meeting because we’ve secured awesome prizes for this year’s winners. Guess what might be the prizes!?, Yeah you got it!

Estimote beacons

Estimote beacons

Estimote is only the first technology partner announced for our conference! Expect more to come on that very soon!