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Santa's making his list

Santa’s making his list, have your team been naughty or nice?

Check it twice, ask yourself, ‘Does my team deserve a treat?’ We hope the answer is yes, and we hope that you’ll see that packing off your team to Warsaw will not only benefit them but your own interests! We promise to take good care of them and they’ll meet with the most interesting and influential figures in mobile software development. They’ll network, they exchange ideas, they’ll never forgive you if you don’t send them.

Christmas present

So come Monday, January 13th - it’s entirely up to you how it goes in your office… do you want your team to be energized, excited brimming with new ideas to bring to your project. Or do you want a bunch of sad individuals moping around the office teeming with regret and resentment that you turned down the chance to send them to the first Mobile Central Europe conference…