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Partners, partners, partners

So we thought the last week was a partner’s week… Oh boy, how wrong we were.

This week we welcome a number of partners who help us with our event preparation. Here is a short list of those added so far and why we are excited:

First and foremost, our technology partners. We are technology-driven event, that’s why technology partners are so important to us.

  • NAO by Aldebaran Robotics - this is the news of the day! The cool robot we first met at Devoxx in Antwerp and we fell in love immediately. The friends from Aldebaran Robotics from France are going to run the 6th workshop at the Jitter hackathon and they will have a separate corner at the conference lobby as well (and we have more cool stuff we are working on together - more on that soon)

  • Taptera - we are working very closely with Taptera from the beginning, and some of our organizers are from Taptera’s Polish office. Those awesome people are providing the conference application for Mobile Central Europe - we are just testing the final touches with the app now and will announce it really soon.

Secondly, we grew our community partner’s list. And there are really cool partners we have:

  • GDG Minsk, Belarus and CoocoaHeads Belarus. With our friends from the east, we are becoming really Central European event - we have people from Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic and now Belarus coming! We have also people from Western part of the Old Continent which welcome with equal hospitality!

  • Krak Droid - they are our friend conference in Krakow, where even some of our organizers will speak. Their conference is next week and you will be able to win something (guess what?).

Last, but not least - we have also grown significantly our media partners. Media Partners help us to reach many people that we would not be able to get to otherwise. We have Android user, CIO magazine, Computerworld, IT Wiz, Dziennik internautów, Magazyn Programista,

That’s 11 partners announced in one week! It’s been really busy here!