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MCE Trailer and bloggers

Between the MCE organizers we tried to figure out ways to convey our message behind the conference in a short and concise way. Our creative team got the idea that we should have a short movie showing exactly what you can expect at the conference - and the movie should not be much longer than 1 minute. And they did it!

We tried it last Monday with Mobile Warsaw #9 meetup in the very Kino Praha that will host MCE. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, so here you are:

Also we have added new partners in a new category - Official Bloggers. We are getting more and more media coverage in Poland and our bloggers are really interested to participate and blog about us before, during and after the event, so additionally to typical media partners we also welcome Kamil Brzeziński, Artur Kurasiński, Katarzyna Dworzyńska and Łukasz Kłosowski as our Official Bloggers