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Meet Warsaw - our host city

Inside, the conference speaks for itself: a rockstar list of speakers covering the topics developers are talking about most. What about when you are done for the day?

With just a few free hours, you can dive into one of Europe’s most historically unique cities. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the site of some truly intriguing places. We offered a few suggestions below, but everyone has their own favorites they’ll be more than happy to recommend. Pick and choose what you want to do, but most of all enjoy!

Schizophrenia, this is the best way to describe the architectural palate of the city. A combination of war, occupation, and oddly timed development means that this city is a treasure trove of interesting buildings and structures.

Our top three:

Palace of Culture - You can’t miss it. This is the giant neo-Stalinist building in the center of the city. Given as a ‘gift’ to Poland, the style is identical its sister buildings in Moscow. Grab a coat and hat and go to the top for the highest view in the city.

Old Town - Totally leveled at the end of WWII, the Old City was painstakingly rebuilt according to period paintings. This is the classical old Europe most people are expecting to see.

Praga - You’ll be in the area for the conference, why not check out the surroundings? This part of the city was relatively untouched by the war and features a lot of beautifully decaying buildings. Just north of the theater is particularly nice.

Food and Drink:

Polish food is best classified as hearty. Thick soups, roasted meats, and dumplings for every possible occasion are just a few. During the winter trying a glass of mulled beer or wine will warm you from the inside out.

As a local for a recommendation or check out Trip Advisor. The lists there are well reviewed and worth a quick look.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. This is a great city full of things to see, do, and taste. If you are interested in finding out more check out this site.