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Almost sold out

Sold out

No, we are not sold out yet, but we are pretty darn close to it!

We had so many registrations just before Xmas, that we had to add the “sold out” functionality! Following the true agile spirit we did not have it before we needed it….

Now it seems we might need it quickly, so we added it.

We decided that the registration for the event will close latest on Tuesday, January 7th, but if you want to make sure that you get your place, sign-up quickly, because we might have to close the registration earlier than that! This is especially important for those who also want to attend the Jitter hackathon - there is just a handful of tickets left.

So be quick about signing up - especially if you want to come to Jitter hackathon. And with a few announcements coming soon - it is very likely we will have to close the registration earlier than we thought.