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Hackathon sold out

This time - it’s the real registration page. The Jitter hackathon tickets are sold out!

Sold out

What a good timing! We are right at the end of year and we just sold out all hackathon tickets! Only those people who have still valid promo codes can register for the hackathon.

Actually - thanks to the great venue we have for hackathon - we already increased number of hackathon places, otherwise they would have been sold out already before Christmas. We will tell you what the venue is very soon and with some surprise great announcement!

There are still places for the conference, but hurry up - there are just about 40 of those left, so be careful with today’s partying, otherwise others might be quicker!

All the best in the New Year 2014! It starts with Mobile Central Europe conference, so it has a good chance to be a great year.