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An amazing partner and even better venue.

The New Year has already brought some great news!

Mobile Central Europe is proud to announce not only our partnership with the Copernicus Science Centre but is also really excited that this amazing venue will be the location of the Jitter Hackathon.

Copernicus Science Centre

The Copernicus Science Centre is one of the most advanced interactive science centres in Europe and is housed in a stunning building on the banks of the Vistula River. MCE is overjoyed that the hackathon will take place here as the Copernicus Science Centre focuses on engagement and discovery of the world around us.

What is more, the team from Aldebaran Robotics will have a special exhibition at the Centre the day after MCE, Sunday 12th. The Robotics Lab of the Science Centre will feature a showcase of robots from Aldebaran. The Synapsis Foundation will also be present to talk about the use of NAO robots for helping with the rehabilitation of autistic children and will conduct workshop to show visitors how autistic people see the world around them.

Everyone, including regular visitors, will have the chance to check out the exhibition and see the robots in action.

We can’t wait to see the venue in action! Since we’ve already sold out of spots for the Jitter Hackathon, it looks like this will be an event well worth attending.