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Logistics for the conference

The start of Mobile Central Europe is getting closer. We are nearly sold out as of this post so it’s high time to give you a bit more info about the logistics of the event.

Please note, this post is about the conference only. Further information about the Jitter Hackathon will be posted separately to those, who register to both Conference and Hackathon.

Tickets and registration

You do not need any printed form of the ticket but you will need your ID with photo with you to get in the venue. You will get your own personal code before the conference to be used throughout the event (hint! there will be a cool networking game during the event) so keep that future email handy on your phone. Those of you who come to the hackathon will get registered the day before and do not need to register again - in your case your conference badge will become your pass to the event.

Code of Conduct

Because of a few, bad experiences we’ve had at other conferences, we do expect you all to follow the conference’s Code of Conduct. We are not bureaucrats, so it’s not long or overly complicated. In short, please be mindful about others at the event. Our staff is prepared to help and react in the event of any problems connected with violations of the code of conduct..


The conference is on Saturday, January 11th. You can add it to your calendar. Reserve the whole day because it will be packed with lots to see and do. We start the day with registration at 9:00 a.m. and plan to stay in the Cinema till around 11:00 p.m. The Conference officially starts at 9:45 a.m. but we strongly advise you come at 9:00 - there will be breakfast and coffee available in the morning so feel free to eat here rather than at your hotel.


The venue is the stylish and recently rebuilt Kino Praha at Jagiellońska 26 - it’s a modern building with all the amenities needed and fully accessible. We will spend the whole day there including lunch and the after-party (see below), so you should get familiar with the place - it will become your mini mobile microverse for the entire event. If you are only at the conference - everything is happening there. Of course, there will more than likely be an after-after party somewhere else, but this is something that will be decided on the spot for the few still standing following the after-party. The cinema’s lobby will also feature some tech-displays you can interact with. For example, you’ll be able to play with Leia’s Display System XL or check out a showcase of NAO robots. Above all, we will try to make the space networking-friendly so you can get to know the other attendees.


There are a number of choices for hotels. We can hardly recommend something without knowing what your personal preferences are, but feel free to explore this list.

How to get to Kino Praha

The best way to get to the conference location at Kino Praha is by public transportation or taxi.

Public transportation: You can find the fastest route to the cinema from anywhere in the city easily by using the Jak Dojade service (they also have great mobile apps). Apart from kiosks and small shops, you can buy tickets at automated ticket machines or sometimes in buses or trams. Regular public transport runs till around 11:30 p.m., but there is also a network of night buses afterwards.

Taxi: Taxis are quite affordable during the day - you should be able to get to Kino for less than 50 PLN from pretty much anywhere in Warsaw. After 10:00 p.m. they become more expensive. There are two services - iTaxi and myTaxi which have mobile apps and are very good. You do not need to speak Polish to order taxis using those apps.

Cars: We strongly discourage getting to the venue by car - there aren’t usually many parking places around Kino Praha, and now there are even fewer due to the Underground construction nearby. Also because of the construction, there are many temporary changes to traffic and it’s very easy to get a fine if you are not careful. Most of the parking places to be found are along the street near Katedra Praska but there are just a handful - if there are none left you will have to find a free place on a nearby street. Of course, a usual warning: do not leave any valuables in your car as they might attract criminals. Additionally - there will be beer at the after-party and the limits for blood/alcohol content in Poland are extremely low so it’d just be best leave your care at your home/hotel.


You can read some more info in an earlier post- follow from there to find out more about the city and attractions.

The main event

Registration starts at 9.00 a.m with the official opening of the conference at 9.45 a.m. Immediately after the opening, at 10.00 a.m. the talks begin. Each talk starts on the hour sharp and lasts 45 minutes with a 15 minute break for networking, coffee, snack, etc. at the end. Soon we will release the mobile application for the event that you will be able to use to plan your day and check details of the sessions using your mobile device. There will also be a networking game going on during the event, which we’ll tell you more about next week.

Snacks, water, tea and coffee will be available and you will also be able to buy some extra stuff from the cinema’s bar. Oh and we should mention the popcorn. You know, we are in cinema after all. There will be fresh popcorn available for free throughout the entire event.

Lunch Break and Flash Talks

There will be a lunch break from 1:00 p.m. till 3:00 p.m. and instead of everyone spreading out all over the city to find food, we’ve had the food brought to us. Lunch, including hot soup, will be delivered to the cinema leaving you free to network with other participants, check out some of the attractions, or sit in on the Flash Talks. We’ve invited a group of speaker to give a series of short, 15 minute talks during lunch. These quick flashes will be on all things mobile and will feature mainly local speakers. We’ll have the details out soon, but this is certainly worth checking out!


Of course, the end of the conference is just the beginning of the after-party. Unfortunately, our profession has some pretty skewed numbers relating to gender so a dance party is a bit tough to do. But as we are in a cinema, we decided to take advantage of our surroundings. The after-party with revolve around interactivity and gaming, so expect a totally different setup of the cinema.

Aside from the usual food, drinks and beer, we will hook you up with some interactivity. We’ll have some of the toys from the hackathon, the NAO robots, and the results of the hackathon. Prizes will be awarded for the winners of the freestyle hackathon and the networking game at the after-party as well.

But wait, there’s more…

We will have the chance to do some truly special stuff (and imho - totally awesome). There will be some serious interactivity on the ‘big screens.’ First, there will be games on the XL steam screen from Leia Display System, but what we’re most excited about are the cinema screens. If you are a gamer, we know you have always dreamed of playing a game on a cinema screen with a thundering sound system at your disposal. Well, now your dream becomes a reality- we’ll have gaming sessions going on with a crowd to cheer on every frag, no-scope snipe, wipe out and wreck you make.

We are really excited to be able to host such an event in Warsaw and hope you will remember it as one of the best you’ve ever attended.


Last, but not least - please use #mceconf (conference) and #mcejitter (the hackathon) from now on to share anything in social media.

See you at Kino Praha at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday 11th.