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More than just MCE

Here at MCE, the very idea behind the conference and hackathon came about from our desire to be part of a larger community. From small local events to global gatherings, our organizers (both companies and individuals) are involved in a variety of different communities. Thanks to this, MCE has some great events surrounding it.

If you are here before and after the event you definitely need to check these out.

Thursday 9th: GDG Warsaw organizes an event with our speaker Wiebe Elsinga talking about open source projects.

Thursday 9th: Human Tech Art and WJUG are organising an event with NAO Robots - our partners from Aldebaran Robotics - both the programming and humanistic side the robots will be on display.

Sunday 12th: Last but not least, the Copernicus Science Centre is doing an event with NAO and Synapsis Foundation to not only showcase the robots but also show how they can help with rehabilitation in autistic children as well as showing how autistic people see the world.

Sunday is also WOŚP day and there will be WOŚP volunteers in front of the Copernicus Science Centre gathering the money for the charity event. It’s not a partner of ours officially but we thought it might be good to remind you about this, while you are visiting the Centre, so you won’t forget your change when leaving your home or hotel.

We wanted to make sure you knew about these events as it is because of partners like these that a viable community can develop. If you have the time, join them at these events.