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The last partners

We are terrible busy recently but we keep on working with our partners and gathering new ones. We are fans of the community and we feel very good about any mutually beneficial partnership we might establish.

Here are all the partners we added recently:

Technology Partners

We added Nettigo and MonkeyFab who are helping us with hardware for the Jitter hackathon.

Scientific Partner

We added Copernicus Science Centre as our Scientific Partner. We already wrote about it, but since this is new partner category, we thought it’s worth mentioning.

Hackathon thought partners

We also have two partners that are helping with the hackathon providing not only support, but also providing lots of creative ideas about how the hackathon should look like. Those are Pan Generator and Ogród Interakcji

Hackathon community partners

We have a new community partner for hackathon as well - this is Makerland - our friends from Makerland prepare awesome event in March!

We are extremely happy to get such great partners and work together with them on the event!