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Jitter hackathon prizes and hackathon sponsors

We are keeping the best announcements for the very last day. As you are probably aware, we had to increase the number of places for hackathon, because we had so much interest and we closed registration for hackathon just before New Year.

This means that the hackathon was interesting on its own. But imagine what could have happened if we told before that we have prizes! Well, we actually do - and together with the prizes we want to announce some new sponsors too.

The prizes are only in the freestyle hackathon part - there are no separate prizes for workshops (with one exception).

The main prize

The best project using Estimote beacons

  • Estimote dev kits - funded by Estimote of course

The best project using Amazon API

  • We have 3 Kindle Fires funded by our not-yet-announced hackathon sponsor - Amazon.

The best UX

  • We have 3 UxPin licences for the project that will show the best User eXperience ideas.

Fastest arduino robot

There is one exception to the rule about the freestyle-only prizes. There will be prizes for the Arduino workshop. At the workshop you will be able to build robots and compete for the best result (for now the goal is secret). And you will have a chance to win Arduino based robots! Exactly how many robots will depend on the size of winning teams.

So we are announcing not only the prizes this time, but we also warmly welcome Amazon, and UxPin amongst our sponsors. We are proud to have such sponsors. We also welcome Wikia - who will also become the hackathon sponsor on top of being Gold sponsor for the conference.