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Photos, videos and talks

We have just started to release the videos from Mobile Central Europe - and we are releasing them to the public during the coming days.

First of all you can watch two videos that recap the MCE highlights. You have two movies - one shorter for just the conference, and one longer for both - the Jitter hackathon and the conference.

The videos are both embedded in the post, but you can also see them at the main site together with photos from the conference and Jitter hackathon

Also - we are releasing video recordings of the talks. We will be releasing them in batches - expect more talks to become available every day so look at our social media. We are starting today with recording of the MCE opening and three first morning talks - by Eric Lafortune, Mike Lee and Chris Eidhof. You can find those by browsing the former agenda section, but also there is the MCE Conference 2014 playlist where you will find all the talks as they are released.

MCE Conference movie

Jitter hackathon and MCE Conference movie

Stay Tuned! After all movies are published, we are going to announce new edition of MCE!

MCE Organizers team