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We have just started to release the videos from Mobile Central Europe - and we are releasing them to the public during the coming days.

First of all you can watch two videos that recap the MCE highlights. You have two movies - one shorter for just the conference, and one longer for both - the Jitter hackathon and the conference.

The videos are both embedded in the post, but you can also see them at the main site together with photos from the conference and Jitter hackathon

Also - we are releasing video recordings of the talks. We will be releasing them in batches - expect more talks to become available every day so look at our social media. We are starting today with recording of the MCE opening and three first morning talks - by Eric Lafortune, Mike Lee and Chris Eidhof. You can find those by browsing the former agenda section, but also there is the MCE Conference 2014 playlist where you will find all the talks as they are released.

MCE Conference movie

Jitter hackathon and MCE Conference movie

Stay Tuned! After all movies are published, we are going to announce new edition of MCE!

MCE Organizers team

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Mobile Central Europe wants to thank each and every one of you for making the first ever MCE event a huge success.

It is not enough for a group of speakers to show up to a venue. The participation of the speakers and people in attendance truly make or break an event. As participants you were truly great; the cinema halls were really buzzing with talks and people were networking a lot - which is always the best and most important part of the conference.

We’d also like to thank this year’s group of speakers. The topics that you covered were in demand and helpful for everyone in attendance and gave us a lot to think about, look at, and work on. Without exception, you were all central to the success of the event.

We’d like to thank our sponsors and partners from the event. Without their logistic, material, and financial support there would have been no way to make this event anywhere close to what it was. From all of us at MCE, thank you.

Last but certainly not least, our thanks go to all the people who were involved in organizing the event. You all made the event possible:

People involved

To all the attendees: Did you go to all 21 sessions? Oh, that wasn’t possible? Not to worry, in the very near future we’ll have the recordings, photos, and videos posted online. We’ll post some more information about this soon so stay tuned to find out more.

Not enough? Again - stay tuned. We are already working on the second edition of MCE! We are going to make first announcements soon - so pay attention to our blog, Facebook page,Twitter account and #mceconf hashtag, Google+ page.

See you at the next MCE!

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Poland is rapidly changing. New buildings are replacing the old at a rapid pace. The city we are in today is very much different from the Warsaw of just 10 years ago. Accessibility, especially for wheelchair access, can still occasionally be a problem though.

This is why we wanted to quickly mention that all of our venues and locations are fully handicap accessible. Both the cinema and hackathon place (hint! we will announce it soon) represent the best of what Poland has become, and we hope you enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns related to accessibility or accommodation please feel free to contact us at contact@mobilecentraleurope.com

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Inside, the conference speaks for itself: a rockstar list of speakers covering the topics developers are talking about most. What about when you are done for the day?

With just a few free hours, you can dive into one of Europe’s most historically unique cities. Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the site of some truly intriguing places. We offered a few suggestions below, but everyone has their own favorites they’ll be more than happy to recommend. Pick and choose what you want to do, but most of all enjoy!

Schizophrenia, this is the best way to describe the architectural palate of the city. A combination of war, occupation, and oddly timed development means that this city is a treasure trove of interesting buildings and structures.

Our top three:

Palace of Culture - You can’t miss it. This is the giant neo-Stalinist building in the center of the city. Given as a ‘gift’ to Poland, the style is identical its sister buildings in Moscow. Grab a coat and hat and go to the top for the highest view in the city.

Old Town - Totally leveled at the end of WWII, the Old City was painstakingly rebuilt according to period paintings. This is the classical old Europe most people are expecting to see.

Praga - You’ll be in the area for the conference, why not check out the surroundings? This part of the city was relatively untouched by the war and features a lot of beautifully decaying buildings. Just north of the theater is particularly nice.

Food and Drink:

Polish food is best classified as hearty. Thick soups, roasted meats, and dumplings for every possible occasion are just a few. During the winter trying a glass of mulled beer or wine will warm you from the inside out.

As a local for a recommendation or check out Trip Advisor. The lists there are well reviewed and worth a quick look.

Most of all, enjoy yourself. This is a great city full of things to see, do, and taste. If you are interested in finding out more check out this site.

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We’re very excited - not just because of the inordinate amount of caffeine based products consumed - but also because our highly trained team of our crew are putting together the final missing parts to the first ever [Mobile Central Europe Conference] (http://mobilecentraleurope.com “Mobile Central Europe Conference”).

Our event has grown out of [Mobile Warsaw] (http://mobile-warsaw.pl “Mobile Warsaw”) where we saw a large pool of talented engineers attending every month. So we thought to ourselves - let’s share this with the rest of region and world. Everyone likes a chance to show off, right?

So should you also be excited? Well yes… and here’s why!

  • Attendance: we’re expecting over 400 attendees
  • Topic: mobile mobile mobile
  • Date: 11th January - get to feel what real cold is like
  • Venue: Nove Kino Praha in Warsaw - a really amazing location for some cool workshops
  • Speakers: we’re in the process of finalising the list of speakers

but we’ve already secured a first batch of excellent international mobile experts:

  • Peter Steinberger - iOS Indie Developer
  • Jackson Gabbard - Facebook and mobile veteran
  • Drew Crawford - hugely experienced developer, writer and consultant.

More details will appear on our speakers in subsequent posts along with details about Warsaw, transportation and all that jazz.