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January 10th 2014
  Warsaw, POLAND
Give real-world interactivity a try

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THE JITTER HACKATHON will be held in Copernicus Science Centre one of the most advanced interactive science centres in Europe and is housed in a stunning building on the banks of the Vistula River.

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When does the Jitter start?

It starts at 10.00 am sharp. Registration starts at 9.00.

What venue will the Jitter be in?

See the venue section.

Should I attend all workshops?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Each workshop will be repeated only three times (sorry, the day is just too short) and we have six different workshops (+freestyle session). You can get familiar with up to three new technologies in the workshops but try out all of them in the freestyle session.

What is “FreeStyle” path all about?

In the freestyle path you can hack your own project. If you have your idea developed before the hackathon, you can start working on it from the very beginning of the event. But, if you come up with a great idea during one of the technology workshops you can continue exploring it in the freestyle path instead of going to other workshops. The freestyle path will be running concurrently with the other workshops and features its own dedicated group of mentors.

Should I come with my team or alone?

During the freestyle hackathon you can work on your own, of course, but we encourage you to build a team either before the event or ad hoc once you arrive. The workshops are designed for individuals.

Will there be a competition?

Yes - for the freestyle hackathon we will reward the best projects created in the freestyle zone. You will have to present your freestyle project at the end of the hackathon.

Will there be food and drinks?


What should I bring?

You should bring your own laptop and smartphone. Check out the workshop descriptions as well as there might be additional requirements. Oh, and don't forget your power cord.


We created MOBILE WARSAW - a series of technology get-togethers for mobile developers with the goal of building an active community of Mobile Developers in our area. Following the ideas of Software Craftsmanship, we see great value in building a dynamic community of professionals. We believe that the best conferences are those created by developers, for developers.


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Sponsors of the hackathon are necessary in order for this to succeed. This means that we highly value both educational and financial support. Together, let's make this the best mobile hackathon in Europe. Here's how to get in touch.


Allegro Group is a multinational internet corporation operating in 23 countries around the world, but mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Its activities focus on the e-commerce industry, in the segments of marketplaces, retail, classifieds, comparison search engines and payments. The Group manages over 100 brands. Due to offering a secure, easy and reliable manner to transact online, Allegro Group sites have become market leaders in respective countries and now set e-commerce trends.

In Poland the Group operates in the marketplace segment as an operator of Allegro.pl, while in the area of payment services it administers PayU.pl. The classifieds platforms developed by the Group comprise such brands as Tablica.pl, otoMoto.pl, otoDom.pl, otoWakacje.pl, Oferia.pl and Cokupić.pl. Moreover, its portfolio includes: Ceneo.pl (comparison shopping engine), Fashiondays.pl (shopping club), Agito.pl, Stendi.pl and Łazienkaplus.pl (e-retail platforms) and iStore – software provider for e-shops. In addition, the Polish operations of the Group also incorporate Wykop.pl (popular social networking site), GG (popular instant messenger) and Bankier.pl (financial portal).

Learn more at: allegrogroup.com

EL Passion is a Warsaw based company that develops Ruby on Rails web applications, feature-rich iOS and Android applications for clients in Western Europe and USA, seamlessly combining intuitive design, functionality and rock solid stability.

They engineer technology startups from the ground up, using Agile and Lean methodologies.

EL Passion is among the first to accept Bitcoin payments, and the first company in Poland to offer the choice of Bitcoin salaries to its employees.

Besides having fun with cryptocurrencies, other benefits of working for EL Passion are: flexible hours, remote work, FIFA14 breaks, your own Macbook, hackathons, free food and drinks, attending conferences, free books, free gym membership and a lot more.

Visit EL Passion’s website to learn more.

The Amazon Appstore allows developers to distribute and sell their Android and HTML5 web apps to millions of customers in nearly 200 countries around the world. Amazon has 200 Million active customer accounts worldwide, and Amazon APIs such as In-App Purchasing, Mobile Ads, Mobile Associates and GameCircle help developers monetize their apps and keep customers engaged. Plus, it’s easy to get started. 75% of apps we’ve tested just work on Kindle Fire with no additional integration necessary. Our developer program is free to join, and developers can get started in minutes from our developer portal.

Visit amazon.com to learn more.

Wikia company, based in San Francisco, was established in 2004, and since 2006 it has had its R&D center in Poznan. Currently the center is the company’s largest foreign branch employing nearly 40 engineers.

The idea of the project originated from Jimmy Wales – the founder of Wikipedia, who in realizing the idea of a virtual encyclopedia noticed that a lot of interesting and valuable content goes to a “virtual basket " due to their non-encyclopedic nature. He decided to create a space where it can be published and developed.

This is how Wikia came into being. It is an international, online content publishing platform that enables each user to create free wikis, or Web pages on any topic that can be edited by many people at the same time.

Currently Wikia has over 300,000 such sites on various topics generally grouped into sections such as games, entertainment and lifestyle.

Communities of enthusiasts around particular wikis constantly develop the sites enriching them with new content. The company’s employees, on the other hand, continuously develop new and user-friendly functionalities in order to make adding information easier and the appearance of the platform more attractive to visitors.

The service’s software is based on the MediaWikia source code and is made available to users on the open source basis. In other words, any company can apply the solutions proposed by Wikia’s programmers in their own projects.

Visit wikia.com to learn more.


People outside of design don't always know exactly what it is that UX designers do, and if you're making your first foray into UX design, then you may not either! That's okay, UXPin is built from the ground up on solid UX design principles and a collaborative methodology, offering you a f ull toolkit of good user design patterns and elements to build great designs in concert.

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Preparing such an event would be impossible without the continued support of a dedicated group of partners. If you want to join this incredible group and become a partner of Moble Central Europe or Jitter hackathon - here's how to get in touch.